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Welcome to Savory Elementary.   We have been working with the Sooke District and taking direction from the Provincial Health Office to make our schools as safe as possible.  It is amazing to see our staff and students adapt to our new normal.  Thank you to you for your patience and support for your children and us here at Savory.  Our community is amazing!  This is a place I will try and keep things updated.



We would like to wish you a happy summer.  Thank you for learning along side us these last few months.  It has been journey.  Please keep an eye on the SD62 website https://www.sd62.bc.ca/ for updates on what September might look like.  As Bonnie Henry says “Be Kind, Be Calm and Stay Safe”.   We will be together again in some way this September.

A Victoria artist's homage to Dr. Bonnie Henry | Times Colonist


Q:  Do fish go on vacation?

No, because they’re always in school!


With the onset of our ‘new’ reality of school we will be changing the way you get your child’s report card for this year. We will be packaging them up into envelops and mailing them home, to the address we have on file, after the last day of school. Please look for them in your home mail box.

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Q: What is a cat’s favorite color?

A: Purrrple


Mr. Showers is putting together a grade five tribute year end video for the Grade fives only.

Please  send Mr. Showers photos to be used in this video. You will need to send him one photo of your child from kindergarten age and then a photo from this year. Please get your child to pose in a similar way to how they were posed or looked in the kindergarten age photo.

It is important to send the photo to Mr. Showers by June 12th so your child doesn’t get left out of the video.

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Why are some fish at the bottom of the ocean?
They dropped out of school!


We are moving to Belmont Secondary for our in class learning.  A survey went out (now closed) to let us know if you would be sending your child to join us at Belmont.  If you still have supplies/belongings at Savory please let us know and we can work together to get them back to you.  We appreciate all the support you have given your child, and us, over this ever changing landscape.


Directions went out by email last week.  Please follow social distancing.  See you soon.Pick Up Toys Clipart Free Download Clip Art - WebComicms.Net

Date Time Last name starts with…
Tues May 19th 10 – 11 A-D
  11-12 E-H
Wed May 20th 10-11 I-L
  11-12 M-Q


May 21st

10-11 R-U
  11-12 V-Z




Q: What do you call a rabbit with fleas?
A: Bugs Bunny.


Q: What is Spring’s favorite kind of pickles?
A: Daffo-dills!