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At Savory Elementary it is our goal to establish and maintain a safe, caring and consistent environment that enhances learning.  Safe and caring school environments are free of acts of:

– bullying, harassment, threat and intimidation;

– violence of any form;

– verbal, physical or sexual abuse;

– discrimination, especially based on race, colour, ancestry, place of origin, religion, marital status, family status, physical or mental disability, sex or sexual orientation (BC Human Rights Code);

– theft, and

– vandalism

Safe and caring schools environments do not tolerate the presence of:

– intoxicating substances;

– weapons and explosives, nor

– intruders or trespassers.
Students are expected to be respectful and responsible for their actions and utilize their WITS (Student Problem Solving Model) when involved in a conflict:

–  To and from school

–   During school

–   Any school function
We expect students to tell an adult about any bullying or discrimination towards others or themselves.  Students are expected to develop greater personal responsibility and self-discipline as they mature and move through the grades.
Responses to unacceptable conduct are consistent and fair.  Progressive disciplinary action is preventative and restorative, and not merely punitive.  Students are encouraged to participate in the development of meaningful consequences for violations of school conduct expectations, where appropriate.
The nature and frequency of unacceptable conduct influences our decision for disciplinary action.  Parents, School District staff and Community Agencies may be enlisted to help support students as they develop greater social responsibility.