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Our holiday break is from Dec. 21 to Jan. 5th.  See you back here on the 6th.  Image result for happy holidays clipart free


Holiday Concert Schedule
Dress Rehearsal:
Wed. Dec. 4th 1:30pm
Dec. 5th @ 1:30pm or 6:00pm
We hope to see you there at one of the shows!

*Your ticket in the door is one item for the Westshore Food bank!
We are a growing school and cannot accommodate all parents coming to the evening show. Please come to the afternoon show if at all possible. If there are too many people (over the fire limit) we will have to turn adults away at the door.
If you are a family with young preschool children, please come to the 1:00 show.


Pancakes in the gym: (thank you to our wonderful PAC for sponsoring this event)

9 Vernon, Shipway
9:15 Bonsdorf, Nickel
9:25 Duddridge, Ruperto
9:35 Walts, Marle
9:45 Dodds, Showers

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Come on down to the school on Nov. 21st to celebrate all things learning.  Your child will lead you through what they have learned, what they are proud of and what their class looks like.  Your child’s teacher will let you know what the afternoon/evening will look like.  Remember this day is also an early dismissal day at 11:45 AM.  Image result for celebration of learning clipart free


Our pancake breakfast will be held on Nov. 29th this year.  We will send out, by email, a copy of the eating schedule so you can join your child in this wonderful event.  Related image


Our holiday concert is early this year.  We will have our afternoon concert on Dec. 5th at 1:30 PM.   We would appreciate families with young children to come to this time.  Our evening concert is at 6:00PM – we will again be raffling off a chance to sit on our front row couch.   this year’s concert is titled ‘A Jingle Bell Jukebox”. Remember we are growing – both concerts are the same and our gym can only hold so many people.   Please bring a food item/donation, for the food bank, as the price of your ticket.Image result for holiday concert clipart free



We are having our Remembrance Day assembly on Friday, November 8th at 1:30PM (note that this is a change of time).  All Cadets, Guides, Scouts are welcome to wear their uniforms that day.  This is also a reminder that this is a solemn event and we do not clap after performances.  Thank you.  Image result for remembrance day poppy clipart free


On Halloween we are looking forward to seeing all the costumes.  Please remember we do not want masks at school, children will be asked to put them away safely.   Please also be aware that some costumes scare younger students and should be kept at home.  Thank for your help as we make this day enjoyable for all.  Happy Halloween Clipart - Cute Happy Halloween Clipart Free, Transparent Cartoons


Thanks to our wonderful PAC all the students and staff at Savory elementary will be provided dessert on Friday, October 11th.  The students will begin their lunch in their classroom and then move to the gym, sit family style, and will be able to choose from a variety of options for dessert.

Cake Walk Clip Art Cliparts C - Clip Art Cake


October 22 is our first day to get student photos done.  Don’t worry if you miss this day November 19th is retake day.  Related image

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